Since the rise of democracy and the end of the communist era in Europe, the Czech Republic has become a well developed member of the EU and has been growing a reputation for a place where English is almost a second language.

TEFL in The Czech Republic and Prague

Old town Prague.

One of the many historic bridges in Prague.

It's capital city, Prague, is one of the largest cities in Central Europe yet the sprawling town center is easily traversed either by foot or the abundant and cheap trams. Prague is home to some of the most beautiful historical buildings and landmarks in all of Europe - cathedrals, towers and church spires and cobble stoned streets - a fact recognised by the whole of the old-town having become a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This encourages a healthy tourist industry which in turn grows the need for English to be learned.

Major museums, operas, theatres and ballet take on a different character when hosted against Prague's historic, Bohemian backdrop. Staying in Prague for the four week duration of a TEFL course is a very effective way to lap up more culture than just popping in for a touristy weekend, And staying on to teach English afterwards is better still!

And for those who can't handle too much of that kind of culture, you'll be pleased to know that "pub culture" is a major keystone in Czech society. Meeting colleagues, friends or students in a pub or bar after class is the social norm here with the Czech's being big fans of beer. It takes on a new charm altogether in the winter when the pubs light up the wooden fireplaces and serve steaming bowls of stew to keep you cosy when the the temperatures drop outside.

The Brno Circuit is world renowned for lovers of 2 wheeled and 4 wheeled motor racing.

The Czech Republic is favoured as a TEFL destination, reflected by the large and continuous growing number of TEFL courses based here and the abundance of work for  ESL, TESOL, OR TEFL teachers once they have graduated. Prague is the usual destination being a capital city but Brno is also an alternative which doesn't have such a high saturation of tourism and where there are less native English speakers competing for the teaching jobs.

As a destination to live, work and integrate, the Czech Republic is worth keeping on the shortlist even in these times of crisis with a relatively stable economy, continuous demand for English teachers and a lower cost of living to get you by for longer whilst looking for work.

So book the flight, book the TEFL course, go live the Czech experience and afterwards get in touch with us and share your experiences to inspire others. Oh, does anyone know a TEFL course in the Czech Republic we could speak to to get more useful information about TEFL in Prague? Let us know, we need to collaborate with a local TEFL Academy to get some really good articles for our readers! Hasta luego.....

TEFL Courses In Prague

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