Madrid, capital of Spain, maybe more Northern European than Mediterranean. Clean and sophisticated, Madrid has everything a capital city should have including a healthy demand for English teachers. Read about what Madrid has to offer to TEFL students and ESL teachers.

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Yes, Spain does have a Royal family. And this is where they live in Madrid

The nightlife in Madrid is quite exceptional and up to par for a capital city. Tapas bars, cocktail bars, clubs, jazz lounges, live music venues, flamenco theatres and establishments of all kinds cater for all tastes. Madrid enjoys a large amount of live music venues with the liberal entertainment regulations allowing a buzzing music scene to grow. What's noticeable is the civilized way that live music can be enjoyed without complaints from the neighbours and how there's no great police presence to have to control people on a night out. A great sense of security can be felt whilst walking around until the early hours of the morning and there's a real sense of a vibrant city wanting to enjoy itself.

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Historically Real Madrid is the most successful football club in the world

Wandering around Madrid it won't take long until you find that the majority of the populace is polarised around football. Like most major Spanish cities it has not one but two teams in the top flight of "La Liga", Real Madrid and Athletico Madrid. The rivalry is as old as the clubs themselves although on the pitch Real Madrid has shown it's dominance not just in Spain but also in Europe. It sports one of the biggest collections of silverware of any football club on the planet including an unrivalled 9 European Cups. However, Athletic Madrid supporters would remind you that all of this is history and most of their silverware was won before the advent of colour TV.

Being in town when these two teams play makes you feel like you are living part of that history, at least for 90 minutes.

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Madrid has one of the biggest metro systems in Europe

Madrid, is a well connected city. With 3 airports, the hub of a super high speed rail network and with one of the biggest metro networks in Europe, there's no excuse not to make it to class. And the prices are a lot cheaper than the public transport in UK too.

Many English speakers come to Madrid to get immersed and improve their Spanish, this can be tied in English teaching by participating in "inter-cambios" which are informal language exchanges typically in an informal environment like a café or a bar and English is spoken for an hour and then Spanish is spoken for an hour. Discipline is needed to avoid straying off to just one language but even if it's not a linguistically beneficial experience an intercambio often leads to more local friends, leads for private English classes and another dozen Spanish friends on Facebook.

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Madrid is a sophisticated European capital, a world away from the tourist trap costas

Tourism, the government institutions, international commerce and the simple desire for Spaniards to want to speak English maintain Madrid as a major destination for ESL teachers. Being a capital city the cost of living is slightly higher than in other Spanish cities but so too are the salaries. You won't get rich as an English teacher in Madrid but you can pay your way.

TEFL in Madrid

Whilst a modern capital, Madrid still has its older and more traditional side too

If you're not already qualified Madrid has a handful of TEFL Academies where native English speakers can train to become teachers of English and then make the decision to stay in town and teach or head off and travel with their new qualifications.

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